About ng

Incorporated in 2010, AAJIMATICS has been developing its electronic systems and solutions and is now providing technology solutions and expertise to a varied client group in Nigeria. AAJIMATICS is an electronic technologies solutions and services firm; combined, we direct these two areas of expertise to deliver ePlatforms for both established and growing markets. Clients include healthcare institutions, banks and government MDAs.

We leverage Informatics to enable Processes, Procedures, Organizations, and Entities to function Optimally.

Our current focus is on delivering eHealth|eBusiness|eSecurity technologies to a varied clientele in North America and emerging markets including Nigeria. Our marquee service is in eHealth:

eHealth Applications (Patented/Patent Pending)


Our eHealth applications are focused on remedying numerous problems throughout the health delivery chain, depending on the system, status, and initiatives currently in place with our client organizations.


Mission Statement

To be the leading catalyst in the optimal adoption, implementation and utilization of eHealth applications by institutions involved in Healthcare delivery in Canada and emerging major economies such as Nigeria.”

Effective healthcare delivery is critical for a population’s overall health and economic sustainability. Leveraging academic best practices combined with industry expertise allows us to deliver effective, customized, and modular systems from conception to implementation.

We have since emerged as one of the leading champions for the effective and efficient adoption of eHealth in emerging markets including Nigeria.

eBusiness Applications (Patented/Patent Pending)


We develop eBusiness and eCommerce Solutions and Platforms. Our VERIFIMI™ platform includes 2 Form Authentication Technologies leveraging BYOD for eBanking and ePayment platforms for utilities.